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Christmas Social and Awards Night 2014

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Christmas Social and Awards Night 2014

Postby AndyB » Fri Jan 02 2015 23:06

In just six months SRVC has grown from a mere seed of thought to a strong and thriving cycling club. In these months we have seen some remarkable performances and achievements, from race wins, endurance rides to climbs' Everested; it is almost incredulous to believe that so much has happened in such a short space of time. Of course SRVC would always like to be noted for its quality riding, but it is without question that there has been so much outstanding work done off the bike that has equally helped make it the success that it is. So, to mark such a monumental year, it seemed most fitting to end it with a combined Christmas party and an awards night, to celebrate all that is SRVC.

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The location was The Partridge in Partridge Green, a gastro-pub which SRVC regularly races by during the summer training rides. Club members and their partners were all invited, and a sparkly and animated gathering congregated, all eagerly awaiting a fine Christmas feast; albeit some were less recognisable in their non-cycling civvies.

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Once seated, the conversational ambience continued as starters and main meal came and went, all thoroughly enjoyed.

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Before the desert was due, it was time for the awards, and first up, the SRVC Road Race Champion.

The award would normally be given to the rider with the most BC points, however, in such a short SRVC year, it seemed right that the trophy was shared between two improving riders that have moved up a race category, and whom were both race winners in their own right, Carl, now a Cat 2 and Tom, now a Cat 3.

srvc road race champions.JPG
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Special mention was given to Olly, for his progression into racing amongst the seniors and to Andy for his continual commitment to racing.

Next up, was the meritorious performance award, given to the rider whom has achieved the most noteworthy accomplishment during the year. Special mention was given to Pete for his ride from Plymouth, to Stephen for his ride from Grantham and to Doug for his cycling romp across France. However, on a club vote, the award was given to Jimmy for Everesting the Firle climb (that is climbing the height of Everest in one single ride).

meritorious winner.JPG
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The next award was for the most improved rider award. In conversation, a constant theme is how much each rider has improved in the short time that they have been with SRVC, however, there was a stand out winner in this category and it follows on from all his hard work and commitment. Mike P, was a well deserved and proud winner.

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Then came the award for the biggest contribution to the club. The success of the club has really been a triumph, and without question all of its members have added significant value. However, the club votes deemed that the award was shared between Carl, Will and Andy.

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The most spectacular crash award was next. An award, lets say, no-one really wanted to win. However, there was special mention to Will and his crash at Preston Park, and for Andy and his multiple crashes. However, again, and by vote, there was clearly one winner, Simon and his dramatic crash at Preston Park. During the presentation, Doug recited a witty self-penned poem re-telling the story. Check the forum for details.

Doug's poem.JPG
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Finally, the last award, the prized one, for some in particular that is, the best turned out rider. Voting made this a particularly close decision, however, the last cheer came from Carl as the winner with Will only one vote behind.

best turned out rider.JPG
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Further drinks and socialising took up the remaining hours, but before calling it a night Will passed on post cards to each and every member so that they can set their own award winning targets for 2015. So get those returned ASAP.

A fantastic evening had by all, and a tremendous way to end the year. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Simon for organising such as successful evening.
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Postby Carl » Sat Jan 03 2015 00:04

Great write up, great night, great club! I smiled all the way through reading this, thanks Andy.
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Re: Christmas Social and Awards Night 2014

Postby Simon » Sat Jan 03 2015 09:17

Great write up Andy. And yes it had me smiling to. Haven't we done well in such a short amount of time.

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Postby MikeP » Sat Jan 03 2015 17:25

a great read, and your write-up encapsulated all that is good about SRVC, Here's to 2015!!
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Re: Christmas Social and Awards Night 2014

Postby Charlie Deacon » Fri Jan 16 2015 03:04

Nice write up! a shame I had to miss it!
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